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Gannon was inundated with hateful, often homophobic e-mail. His mother and brother, he says, were threatened. On the air, in print, even in Doonesbury, he became a punching bag and punch line. The right-wing network that had given Gannon an online radio program pulled the plug.

So too did entities such as the Drudge Report and the Christian Right that would have pounced on the scandal in a different administration. And through his past behavior, public statements, petty deceptions, and all-around sense of mystery, Gannon all but goaded them on. Why would a grown man suddenly change his name?

“His Condition Is Getting Worse”: Trump Spirals Online as His Presidency Reaches a Crisis Point

How, in middle age, had he suddenly become a reporter, and with White House access to boot? And why is he so vague as to how he got that access? Gannon, who is philosophically opposed to bankruptcy, says he is continuing to pay off his debts. How could someone so self-assured, so confident, so articulate have so little to show for his life unless he was really doing something else or was someone else?

I have such a short attention span. I just like to move on, move on, move on. The deeper the bloggers dug, though, the shallower Gannon seemed to become; the more they tried to build him up, the more he seemed to shrink. He gained access to the White House under the name Guckert, not Gannon, scotching any ideas of deception. For all his purported inside ties, he broke almost no stories.

Gannon did not obtain a secret memo in the case of Valerie Plame, the C. He did not have advance word of the American bombing of Iraq. He scarcely knew Ari Fleischer and, apart from sending Scott McClellan a card when he got married, had little personal contact with him. True, by publishing a series of scorching articles with a scoop or two, he played a perplexing and arguably important role in the defeat last year of Senate minority leader Tom Daschle, of South Dakota.

But, from the standpoint of Washington, D.

"Jeff Gannon's" secret life

The New York Times Magazine did a question-and-answer with him. Gannon talks of writing a tell-all book, and suggests he has good gossip on important Washington, D. He was subsequently scratched, which is too bad, because he had his material at the ready: Security personnel at the club checked audience members on their way in, less for guns and knives than for lemon meringue pies. The charge that he is a fake is what stings Gannon most. He has noted, proudly, that he has written more than articles for Talon News, and insists he was no more political than the left-wingers in the media mainstream.

Nor did any revelations about his past or the reaction to his incendiary question change anything. Never, he maintains, has he written anything anti-gay himself, though his gay critics say his animus is more subtle than that—a matter of his choice of words and the disproportionate weight he gives to right-wing anti-gay voices.

media prostitute: pimping to power

Gannon is maddeningly coy about many other things as well. He volunteers that his story is more complex than described, involving secret work for which he needed security clearance, then refuses to elaborate. But even here, he hedges. He implies that he never actually worked as an escort, despite the fact that he advertised himself as one. On such and such a date, I did this!

Jeff Gannon, George W. Bush's Back Door Man.

You bet! Gannon was raised in Cochranton, Pennsylvania, a small town in the northwestern corner of the state, by a family of union-oriented, Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy Democrats. When James was in high school, the Guckerts moved to Conneaut Lake, a resort town 17 miles to the northwest. His classmates remember him as intelligent, charismatic, self-centered, manipulative.

He was voted student-council president and best dancer, played football, and edited the school paper and yearbook; he wore his hair long in the style of that era, like the sixth member of the Dave Clark Five. For college he went diagonally across Pennsylvania to West Chester State College, near Philadelphia, where he joined a fraternity and wrote on sports for the school newspaper.

He then spent several years working for a prominent local landscaper and horticulturist, who in arranged flowers for one of George H. Politically, he drifted rightward. Eventually, Gannon got into liquor distribution in Delaware, both for others and for himself. The business he partly owned went belly-up. In the late s he went to work running the office and keeping accounts for an old friend, Randy McFarland, who was setting up an auto-body shop in West Chester.

At some point, unbeknownst to his colleagues, Gannon branched into escort work, primarily in the Philadelphia—Wilmington—Washington, D. Shortly thereafter, he registered—for someone else, he has said—the names hotmilitarystud. Gannon was also becoming increasingly political, and vocal, writing op-eds for various conservative Web sites. Mostly, it was a commercial thing, for his fledgling media career.

Sometime near the beginning of , Gannon gave notice at the auto-body shop. He told McFarland, among others, that he was taking a job with a subcontractor for the Department of Defense, something for which he would need security clearance. For someone of conspicuous patriotism, with a fascination for things military, it seemed a good fit. In fact, Gannon was still in Delaware, though he drove to the Capitol on September 12 just to express his solidarity with his embattled country.

The attacks, he said, only heightened his resolve to straighten out his life and contribute to the commonwealth. Now he intensified his writing, and, to clean his slate completely, moved to Washington, D. Though his escort business seemed to be tapering off and some of those Web sites went off-line, the two livelihoods apparently overlapped on occasion: Eberle was looking to start a national news service and, after meeting Gannon during a Washington, D.

It was a shoestring operation: It was for Gopusa. Gannon says it took him some time to obtain the pass, forced as he was to navigate the White House bureaucracy, but he is evasive on just how long, or with whom he dealt, or who finally let him in. Perhaps the story ends there. In retrospect, we all obviously should have paid more attention to the guy. Day after day, he kept getting his day pass. This requires, among other things, that the online publication for which one works must charge a subscription fee or earn advertising income; that its reporters cannot be political partisans or lobbyists; and, that all of its correspondents must earn their principal income from the publication.

We wondered whether, following the Gannon affair, the White House would tighten up the rule for day passes—to prove that Gannon was a fluke—or would keep things loose, to prove his easy passage was hardly exceptional. From what we could tell, it was the second.

There were the pro-Bush stories: Then there were the anti-Democratic stories: The Daschle campaign spread the word, but no reporters bit. Gannon was as predictable in the White House briefings as he was online. He defended the war in Iraq, suggested that the torture at Abu Ghraib might not be as unwarranted as it appeared, attacked Kerry and other Democrats and the mainstream media.

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When he was critical of the Bush administration, it was only for being insufficiently committed to conservative causes, or for failing to defend itself properly, or for kowtowing to its enemies. A few reporters complained, but most were indifferent. These kids and teenagers who were kidnapped said at all these D. You have the "normal" party first, then all those sickos involved stay later so they can rape these poor kids and teenagers. PB has sued at least 2 people over this and WON.

I know this thread is 2 years old, but I just recently learned about the franklin cover up. This is so creepy.

Yes I realize that those in power might kill him. But he can get arrangments done to protect himself. This is all to freaky.

Jeff Gannon, George W. Bush's Back Door Man. - Unconfirmed Sources

If it was him and he spoke up, he'd be protected by the fact that everyone who know exactly who had killed him. Whether or not Jeff is Johnny, the interesting thing was his web page that listed his services and had reviews. Maybe that infamous black eye wasn't from Laura hitting him, or from falling down drunk, but from Jeff. I wonder if he has written about his White House years and placed the story with someone to hold with instructions to go to the press if he turns up missing. Jeff Gannon is not Johnny Gosch.

After Johnny was kidnaped his mom when psycho crazy, as can be expected. She's still looney tunes after all these years. In all likelihood Johnny was killed shortly after he was kidnapped. They probably will never find his body. I'm not r61 but I do live in Des Moines. Doreen does have the wacky rep that he speaks of - but otoh she keeps to herself. Based on that interview she did for Rense I know it's not a MSMN she was getting all sorts of crap for investigating the disappearance and meeting with someone who claimed to be Johnny.

This has always been reported in my local paper, the Des Moines register. Amazing how this story disappeared.

Jeff Gannon, pres. aka Johnny Gosch: Bill Maher discussing with guests

It's really incredible that the press just let this story die. He was a gay hustler with access to the White House and no one questions it? He obviously was doing someone high up in the Bush admin. There's really no other reasonable explanation for a gay whore to be given such extraordinary access to the White House.

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