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Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself. Dare to risk if you wanna win.

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Try to see with the other's eyes. There are a lot fun things during the shoot, for example once I had massage scene and during the transition I simply fell. Favorite porn project so far and why? My favorite project was in San Francisco, just a month ago.

'Britain's Best Bottom' Talks About Premature Ejaculation and Straight Men in Gay Porn

It was an orgy scene with very hot models, difficult positions, plenty of turn and changes, and a lot of professionalism from my partners and the crew. I also had to do double penetration which I never did before, so I thought it will be challenging. But ultimately it was great fun and quite enjoyed. Do you get much fan mail?

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I try to answer everybody as soon as possible, but sometimes it is difficult because of my schedule. I'd like to take the opportunity to apologize to my fans because of that. Do you watch much TV? I don't watch much TV. Mainstream celebs you find hot?

Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Kayden Gray – Manhunt Daily

Do you have any pets? Right now I live together with two cats, but they are not mine. They are my friend's cats, but I really like them so it feels they are a bit mine, too. Are you single right now? I am single, and I really enjoy it! Oh yeah, of course.

Since when we had access to use the internet at school, every kid took a chance to see something what we only seen before in our mind. The teachers weren't happy about it, but I think it was worth it. Darius is originally from Budapest. He entered London's porn industry in at the age of 23 with the Blake Masonproduction company. Keen to find out how it feels to be an award-winning bottom I got in touch with Darius again for a chat.

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Photo via Darius' Twitter. Hi Darius. Congratulations on your Best British Bottom award. How did it feel to win? Darius Ferdynand: It feels fantastic to win an award. I haven't received anything like that since I was a teenager. I don't watch my own porn, so it's good feedback and I'm glad to see that people like what I do. The atmosphere at the awards was very friendly, but is there much rivalry between guys over jobs behind the scenes?

Well, it's not like we push each other down the stairs to get a role, because normally porn directors already know who they want to work with. There are no castings, but there's certainly a rivalry for attention and the spotlight, I think. You got into the industry through modeling. What was your reaction when you were first approached to work in porn? It's just a part of the entertainment industry, like theater, movies, music, or dance. You have to perform. It's good to have fun at work, but this is my job. I consider it a real profession.

I just wanted to do my best from the first time I was approached to work in porn. Who was your first scene with? My first scene partner was Jack from Blake Mason.

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  • [UPDATED] Now You Can Fuck Darius Ferdynand And His Hot Boyfriend At The Same Time?
  • Handsome British lad. I was way too excited and came too early. I had to produce another cumshot within five minutes. En nagyon kivanlak teged. I want you desperately. Akarsz csinalni hazassag elotti szerzodest? Do you know what a pre-nuptial agreement is?

    You can obsess freely on Darius by following his Twitter feed DariusFerdynand. Where did you grow up? I did grow up in Budapest, Hungary. Which is a beautiful city, but maybe not the best place to being gay — so I decided to travel around the world and see what's going on somewhere else.

    How did you get started in porn? I was watching porn since when I was a teenager and I was always attracted by the porn actors. I was playing with the idea of how cool that would be, but I wasn't quite serious about this until I've got some offers from several companies. They have found me easily as I was working in the gay scene everyday as a bartender.

    And one day, for the third opportunity I said to myself: You know what? Maybe I should do this, maybe I could do this, so let's give it a try! What other jobs have you had? I used to work as an actor and singer in theatre, movies, commercials, workshops, short movies. But I also had some less exhibitionist jobs as well like work in a bar, club, or hotel as a mixologist or waiter. What are your hobbies? I like to discover new places, get to know interesting people with different cultures, and share life experiences and theories. Types of music you enjoy?

    I listen to a lot of classical music like Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Beethoven. I also like modern composers who make awesome soundtracks, but obviously if I'm going to party I prefer pop-music, electronic, house music.

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